Recorded in real-time at the 2018 Slamdance Film Festival What We Leave Behind: The Future asks participants to share their hopes and fears about technology and the inescapable march of time. Using face replacement technology to anonymize the storytellers What We Leave Behind creates a single human identity. Greenscreen replacement technology provided by ARWall.


What We Leave Behind is a collaborative storytelling project using augmented reality. We curate our digital life and hide behind it like a mask. The project breaks this dynamic by giving you a literal mask in the form of augmented reality; you’re then free to express personal stories you might not normally share online. The first chapter is entitled “The Future” where participants were asked to tell us about their hopes and fears involving technology and the passage of time. What We Leave Behind will ultimately be a series of varied topics with unique visual styles tied to the over-arching theme of connecting us more deeply in the digital age.


Creating What We Leave Behind is both an artistic and technical process. The face replacement elements are sculpted digitally and then painted by hand using a drawing tablet. Using the OpenCV libraries a facial recognition program was created in Unity to capture and show the results in real-time on site. The environmental elements are built and rendered in real-time using Unreal Engine.



Visual Director: Dekker Dreyer
Music: Cyr3n
Executive Producers: Dekker Dreyer, Chadwick Turner
Handler: Ryan Arms
Facial Replacement Technology: Clever Fox
Greenscreen Replacement Technology: ARWall